Ampeg Heaven

AC Series
B Series
B-12xt Portaflex
B-15-n 1968 Portaflex
B-15-n Portaflex
B-15-nc Portaflex
B-15-nf Portaflex
B-18-n Portaflex
B-15-s Portaflex
B-25 Portaflex
B-25B Portaflex
B-15/15c/15d/18c Portaflex
E Series
EJ-12 Echojet
ET-1 Echotwin
ET-2b Super Echotwin
G Series
G-12 Gemini
G-15 Gemini II
GS-15-r Gemini IV
GV-22 Gemini 22
J Series
J-12-a Jet
J-12-b Jet
J-12-d Jet
M Series
M-12 6v6 Mercury
M-12-A 7591 Mercury
M-15 Mercury
Rocket Series
Reverb Rocket 2
Reverb Rocket 3
Reverb Rocket 12-r
Reverb Rocket 12-rb
Reverb Rocket 12-rt
Rocket (No Reverb) 12-a
Super Reverb 15-r
SB Series
SB-12p Portaflex
SB-12 7868 Portaflex
SVT Series
SVT Preamp
SVT 6146b Poweramp
SVT 6550a Poweramp
V Series
V-2 Preamp
V-2 Poweramp
V-3 Preamp
V-3 Poweramp
V-4 Preamp
V-4 Poweramp
V-4-b Preamp
V-4-b Poweramp
V-5 schem
V-7 Poweramp
VL Series
VL-501 Preamp
VL-1002 Effects Loop
VL-1002 Power Amp
VL-1002 Pre Amp
VL-1002 Switching
VT Series
VT-40 Preamp
??? Series
J12T Jet 15w
R-12R Reverb Rocket 50w
R-212R Reverb Rocket 50w
R-50H Head Reverb Rocket 50w

Many of the above schematics are courtesy of Joe Piazza's BackStage.
For additional information about Ampeg Amps see his website.